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Flipped Classroom Certification

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Upgrade Your School Tools: Flipped Classroom Certification

Put the pencils down and transform your classroom environment with our Flipped Classroom Certification. Give students instant feedback, create more time for interactive learning and improve achievement levels by flipping your classroom with our simple process.

Once you've finished the program, you'll get an official certification certificate, a cool Sophia t-shirt — and the knowledge that you're taking your teaching game to a whole new level.

Sorry, we cannot ship shirts outside the U.S.

Register for the Program

Sign up for Sophia’s Flipped Classroom program whenever you want.

Take the 4-Tutorial Course & Pass the Quizzes

View tutorials that explain the flipping concept as well as show you how to dive right in. Then take and pass the quizzes.

Demonstrate Mastery

Got it? Good! Prove you're ready to flip by building a tutorial for your students and send us the link. Once we confirm how awesome you are, we'll let you know how to get your t-shirt and certificate.