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Edgenuity Partners With Sophia On Dual Credit Courses

Edgenuity, a leading provider of online and blended learning solutions, today announced that it is offering dual credit courses which allow students to earn high school and college credit.

Sophia Partners with Edgenuity: Dual Credit Courses

“Sophia is thrilled to partner with Edgenuity to help students jumpstart their college careers and lower the cost of their education,” said Allison Gage, president of SOPHIA.org.

Largest Flipped Class Demonstration

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Bill Nye the Science Guy and Sophia.org in the biggest flipped classroom demonstration in the nation!

SOPHIA Hosts Nation’s Largest-ever Flipped Classroom Event at Mall of America

SOPHIA, an online social education platform, is celebrating the culmination of its “Get Schooled with Bill Nye” campaign with the nation’s largest flipped classroom demonstration with teachers, students and parents. Flipped classrooms are a growing approach to integrating technology into education, and use a blended form of learning that provides instruction both in and out of the classroom to enhance individual student learning. Event participants are invited to review a tutorial from Bill Nye in advance of the event, and then join Bill Nye at the Mall of America for a review of the lesson and take a quiz that demonstrates the bridge between learning in and out of the classroom.