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Animals: Invertebrates
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Animals: Invertebrates

Animals: Invertebrates

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This lesson will explain the characteristics of animals that are classified as invertebrates.
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Questions and Answers

  • ayona frazier
    Answers 4
    ayona frazier — about 2 years ago

    how do a invertabrate die if something heavy falls on it,if it doesent have back bones?

      Nathan Simelgor answered about 1 year ago

      in a case of something heavy falling on a invertabrate its organs would diperse and thus killing the invertabrate indefinatly

      Noah Stamboulieh answered about 1 year ago

      the animal still dies, it is crushed!

      Alexa Wuorinen answered about 1 year ago

      Let me answer a question with a question. If you step on a... let's say a piece of pie, it will become flattened out, squashed, smashed. But if you where that piece of pie being flattened against a foot, would you live?

      Nathan Chiu answered about 1 year ago

      Let's say your foot comes down on a worm. The weight of your foot makes the invertebrate's organs get smushed and fall out. Then it dies.

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