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Carbon Allotropes: Coal to Buckyballs

Carbon Allotropes: Coal to Buckyballs

Author: paul wild

To identify 4 Carbon Allotropes and how they differ in:
-chemical structure
-how they are formed

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From Coal to BuckyBalls

Go through activities. Answers provided as you go!

Source: paul wild

nova link (from slideshow): "Making stuff stronger"

Source: pbs

Questions and Answers

  • Answer 1
    Angie Eilers about 3 years ago

    Interesting topic, graphics were helpful. Would you be willing to paste the text in the slideshow that includes links to outside sources into a text file? That way, the links will be "live" or active. As they are now, a use would have to write them down and type them in. That would be great.

      paul wild answered about 3 years ago

      Done, tambien en espanol!

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