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2 Tutorials that teach Chemical Reaction Types: Summary
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Chemical Reaction Types: Summary

Chemical Reaction Types: Summary

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Author: Marilyn Nowicki

This tutorial summarizes five different chemical reactions: combination, composition, single replacement, double replacement, and combustion reactions. Learn how to easily recognize these reaction types by analyzing the reaction formula. You will look for patterns with the reactants or products to identify chemical reaction types.

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Chemical Reaction Types Summary

Questions and Answers

  • Answer 1
    Aswathy Sukumaran 11 months ago

    can u please explain a little about double decomposition

      Dawn Johnson answered 7 months ago

      Are you asking about double replacement or decomposition? They are two different types. What do you want to know?

  • Answer 1
    Sher Swanby over 2 years ago

    Does it play on a Mac?

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