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Author: Nathan Lampson

Did you know that much of the space in between different organelles in a cell is actually the cytoplasm? This tutorial is designed to focus what and where the cytoplasm is inside a cell, and what role it plays in the functions of the organelles within a cell.

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This lesson discusses the role of the cytoplasm in the cell.

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    Rusty Sturken over 2 years ago

    Did I miss something? I viewed the video again but didn't see anything references ribosomes as being part of the cytoplasm as question #3 asks. Well done video! Thanks.

      Marc Engel answered over 2 years ago

      Hey Rusty, just to clarify for ya... The video is pretty misguiding--- cytoplasm includes everything in the cell except the nucleus. Nathan's video is a better depiction of "cytosol" which is only the aqueous solution within a cell.

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