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Factors Affecting Solubility

Factors Affecting Solubility

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Author: Marilyn Nowicki
This lesson will identify common factors affecting the solubility of a substance, including temperature and the nature of the solute and solvent. Pressure and solubility of a gas are included. Rule of thumb "like dissolves like" is explained.
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Questions and Answers

  • Darnell
    Answer 1
    Darnell — almost 2 years ago

    why would granulated sugar dissolve faster in water than a sugar cube

      James Schaaf answered over 1 year ago

      basically granulated sugar is less dense a package from a molecular point than a sugar cube which is sort of condensed more tightly!

  • hannah
    Answers 0
    hannah — about 2 years ago

    why factors affecting solubility

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