Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education

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Author: Melista Brodnax


  • Explore the ideas made available by www.free.ed.gov.
  • Provide ideas for schools to implement better health and physical education programs.
  • Consider the role and importance of the school's involvement in student health.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in the school's emphasis of student health.


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Scoring your School and Determining an Improvement Path

The first step in creating a solution is identifying a problem. This site provides modules to assist in identifying the health risks and problems in your school or district. By taking the time to explore these modules, you are on the path to a renewed healthy environment for your students.

You must register your school and information, but it is very user friendly and most definitely worthwhile.

Modules for School Evaluation

Making Nutrition Easy

This brochure is an introduction to making healthy choices with emphasis on food choices and living active. It is only a sample of the available choices. There are teaching tools for preschoolers all the way to pregnancy. Visit this very informative and helpful site for a full view of the teaching opportunities made available. http://www.choosemyplate.gov/tipsresources/printmaterials.html
Assisting students in understadging the importance of their choices is the building block to healthier living.

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Teacher Enrichment Initiatives in the Health Curriculum

This resource provides over 300 teaching initiatives to help students learn about and understand blood, bones, the brain, cardiovascular system, diabetes, health care and careers, nutrition and the body, obesity, oral health, relationships, sleep, stereotypes, and vision.  It includes opportunities for professional development, teaching,  and reenforcing with interactive on-line student activities & simulations.

Body and Mind for Middle School

Center for Disease Control provides a very accurate, safe, informative, and fun learning opportunity for students. A variety of health and physical education topics are explained, taught, reinforced, and made easily accessible for educators, parents, and students.

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