Histology: Introduction to Muscle Tissue

Histology: Introduction to Muscle Tissue

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Author: Aaron Mullally

- know what the three different muscle tissues are in the body

- know what the word contract means

- know what the word myocyte means

- know what the basic function of muscle tissue is

- know which muscles are voluntary and involuntary (unconscious)

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Muscle Tissue Overview

Muscle tissue is composed of cells that contract to create movement. Always know that when you see the word contract you should think shorten. As the muscle cells within the tissue shorten they exert force on the tissues they are attached to (example: bone) which forces the tissue to move. The cells of muscle tissue are called myocytes. Even though myocytes come in different shapes and sizes they are all capable of contraction.

All three types of muscle contract to create movement and contain myocytes. The myocytes, however, come in different shapes and sizes. Know the different shapes of myocytes and how they are spaced will be the key to identifying the different muscles. Also, the shapes of the muscles correlate with how they physiologically work

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Introductio to Muscle Tissue

This video highlights the three different types of muscle tissue with an introduction to some new terminology.

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Muscle Tissue Introduction

Here are some points and concepts from the presentation

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