How to use the Conrad Library

How to use the Conrad Library

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Author: Angela Blair

Students will learn the policies of the Conrad High School library and learn how to use the resources and check out books.

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Library Orientation Quizlet

Name: ___________________________  Date: _________________




1. How many books can you check out at a time? __________________

2. How long can you keep the books? _________    ___________________

3. Japanese comics are called: _______________

4. ______________________ books are “real” or “true” and are arranged by Dewey Decimal # so that books with the same subject are together.

5. Computers can be used for school projects.   T    or    F

6. You will need your _______   ___________________ in order to check out books.

7. Fiction books are arranged alphabetically by the first three __________________ of the author’s last name.

8. The library is open before school at _____________ a.m.

9. Dictionaries can be checked out by students.    T   or    F

10. You can find college, career, or test prep books in the ________________________________________ section.

11. Name all the people who work in the library: _____________________________,  _______________________________,  _______________________________

12. You must have a _________________ if you want to come to the library and you are not with a class.

13. The ____________________________ desk is where books are checked out and returned.

14. ________________________________ are books about people. What is the call# for these books? _________________

15. Look up books in the online __________________________.


  • What does the yellow and red label on the spine of the book mean?
  • What does the heart on the spine of a book mean?



Source: Created by Angela W. Blair

Conrad HS Library Orientation Video

Gives students a brief overview of how to use the Conrad High School Library and tells students what the library offers them.

Source: Created and narrated by Angela W. Blair, Ph.D., Librarian; created using PowerPoint and PhotoStory3.

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