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Latin Noun Endings

Latin Noun Endings

Author: Celia S

The objective of this learning packet is to understand how to classify Latin nouns by their endings.

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Latin Noun Endings Chart

This powerpoint includes charts of the Latin noun ending, plus descriptions of the classifications.

Latin Noun Practice Sentences

This powerpoint gives three different sentences to help the student practice classifying Latin nouns.

Questions and Answers

  • Bob
    Answers 0
    Bob — over 1 year ago

    Can anyone give me a simplified version of the noun table with all of the endings?

  • Answers 2
    Emily Fero almost 2 years ago

    Why isn't there quizzes for Latin?

      Jeanne Gruver answered almost 2 years ago

      But I will say it was a very nice power point and I sincerly dought that the Ceclia had time to more into her project I like how she labled and the color usage it lends well to further headings of classification and devopment. Souly, I have no definition of declension no reflection of meaning I hv. This was my first gander @ latin in general--and will be showing the charting to my babies as we study the breakdown of the english lang. Thanks for the points Ceclia maybe you will develop questions soon?

      Jeanne Gruver answered almost 2 years ago

      Because the developer hasn't design the elemental Imporance of his expression of knowledge therefore not knowing his direct line of ?'s, doesn't hv time to reflect to a finishing point with the his expression having a desire to add more in his thought pattern of development. doesn't know how to ? his self and is only able to reflect knowlege, perhaps still in the analytical process of break-down in comparison to the English lingo with varance in greek, or simply ran out of time for further development in his power point ending his piece satisfied @ 7 pgs nd staring himself @ five....reasoning could be endless--could be sum type of riddle as well//I find the classifications interesting--nominative--having to do with numbers and nominating/popularity, accusative--directional conversation of blame or placing on stand-finger pointing, dative--having to do w/calenders or dating--all reflecting usage of individual having to do with one--singular or duo having to do with 2 plural don't ya just LOVE the word do O and the subjest matter pictor ego. is seeking a lover and it is an intraverted expression of thoughtful breakdown of the latin lang. Just my person opinion what Truely were we to ingest by his example...I will use the chart for analytical breakdown of the anglo lang. and further investigate to se if the charting is accurate and the declension is truely O and not U...via depiction of the backround art compare 5/5 to 7/7

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