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Author: Nathan Lampson

This concept will introduce the concept of measuring the velocity of an object by creating a scale. In addition to measuring velocity using successive images, it will also identify that acceleration is when the velocity of an object changes over time.

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Launching Curiosity to Mars


The successful launch of the Curiosity rover occurred on Nov. 26, 2011. Transit from Earth to Mars takes 254 days.

The Rocket: Atlas V-541

​Height: 58 meters (191 feet)

​Weight: With the rocket, fuel, and spacecraft, the weight of the launch vehicle is 1.17 million pounds.

Speed of a Spacecraft

Questions and Answers

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    richard olvera about 1 year ago

    why do we need space crafts

      Yann-Herve Tamdem answered about 1 year ago

      SPACE crafts are the only thing that can go into SPACE

      Nathan Chiu answered about 1 year ago

      Space crafts help people get robots and astronauts into space.

      Eric Tran answered about 1 year ago

      I'm pretty sure that we need space crafts in order to explore the wonders of space. Since there isn't enough technology and resources to create space cruisers or some iron man space suit thing. Also it's Eric Tran :D

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