Learning Journey

Learning Journey

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Author: Youth USA

Engage youth learners within a family in learning 100 memorable things in two weeks.

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OBJECTIVE: Media Creation as an Outcome

This special channel provided through TheEnterpriZe Social Enterprise Program shares media produced from YouthUSA Learning Journey projects. Engaging youth in media creation establishes a transparent means of reporting project outcomes. The objective and anticipated outcome is to engage youth in learning 100 memorable things on a "Learning Journey."

Source: YouthUSA.net

Learning Journey (LJ3) Overview

Learning Journey engages youth in Lecture Media Creation to support a Sophia.org tutorial for K-12 educators, parents and lifelong.

Source: YouthUSA.net

Learning Journey (LJ3) Handout

PDF Handout for learners supports the Learning Journey Slides and video interview.

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Source: YouthUSA

Introduction to Art History

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