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3 Tutorials that teach Lenski's Five Types of Society
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Lenski's Five Types of Society

Lenski's Five Types of Society

Author: Paul Hannan
This lesson will discuss Gerhard Lenski's five types of society; including hunting and gathering, horticultural and pastoral, agriculture, industrialism, and post industrialism.
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Source: Intro Music by Mark Hannan; Public Domain Images from www.clker.com; Public Domain

Notes on "Lenski's Five Types of Society"


(0:00-0:28) Introduction
(0:29-1:42) Gerhard Lenski
(1:43-2:24) Hunting and Gathering
(2:25-3:51) Horticultural and Pastoral
(3:52-5:15) Agriculture
(5:16-6:28) Industrialism
(6:40-8:43) Postindustrialism

(8:44-9:38) Take Away Message

Terms to Know

Gerhard Lenski

A sociologist who argues that technology is the most basic factor in the evolution of societies and cultures.

Hunting and gathering

A time when a society uses simples tools and hunts animals.

Horticultural and pastoral

A time when a society uses basic farming and domesticated animals.


A time when a society uses non-human power to help with farming.


A time when a society uses advanced power to manufacture goods.


A time when a society uses information and computer power as its product.

Questions and Answers

  • Answers 2
    Gracielle Nebres 10 months ago

    How about Jean Lenski? Is this person have the types of society according to him/her?

      Gracielle Nebres (38) answered 10 months ago

      UUH... I knew Jean from our Sociology Professor, included in her syllabus

      Paul Hannan (295) answered 10 months ago

      I actually don't know much about Jean. I believe she is related to Gerhard and worked on his theories with him. Where did you hear of Jean from?

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