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3 Tutorials that teach Negative Powers of Ten
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Negative Powers of Ten

Negative Powers of Ten

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Author: Anthony Varela

This lesson will demonstrate how to express negative powers of ten in fraction and decimal form

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Questions and Answers

  • Answer 1
    adrianne duvall about 2 years ago

    do you have any 5th grade work because i teach 5th grade

      Anthony Varela answered about 2 years ago

      Hi Adrianne. If you click on my name to view my profile, you should be able to view my library which contains all of the video tutorials I have made. You may find videos appropriate for your 5th graders, although most of my work is for middle and high school students. You can also browse the subjects and take a particular look at the Basic Math pathways.
      If you're not finding what you are looking for, perhaps I could help produce custom videos for your class. If you "follow" me as a user, you will be notified when I publish new material.

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