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Probability Rules/Disjoint and Independent Events

Probability Rules/Disjoint and Independent Events

Author: Al Greene

• Define what if means for events to be disjoint (mutually exclusive) and independent
• Present the rules of probability for disjoint and independent events, providing examples of each
• Demonstrate how to represent probability with venn diagrams
• Review key words such as “not”, “or” and “and” and how they can indicate different types of events in probability

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What's in this packet

This packet has two videos showing you the rules for disjoint and independent events. The first video shows you the definitions for each, and the second video shows you the probability rules, and some examples for each. Some terms that may be new to you are:

  • Complement Rule
  • Addition Rule for Disjoint (Mutually Exclusive Events)
  • Multiplication Rule for Independent Events
  • Venn Diagram
  • Union
  • Intersection

Source: Greene

Disjoint and Independent Events - Definitions

This video shows you the definitions that apply to disjoint and independent events, as well as the probability rules and formulas.

Source: Greene

Disjoint and Independent Events - Examples

This video shows you several examples of independent and disjoint probabilities.

Source: Greene

Questions and Answers

  • Answers 0
    l.teefah s 9 months ago

    would you mind if you solve these two problems for me,their complicated.
    Four coins are tossed.
    A: Four tails come up.
    B: No tails come up.
    The probability that the Buffaloes will win any given game is 0.6.
    A: They win three in a row.
    B: They lose three in a row.
    I just want you to solve these so i can get the concept.

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