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PSYCHOLOGY Barbara 3: Classifying Mental Disorders (Video + Overview)

PSYCHOLOGY Barbara 3: Classifying Mental Disorders (Video + Overview)

Author: Michelle Bauer
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Classification of Mental Disorders Video

Source: Barbara Ludins, Author

Notes on "Classifying Mental Disorders"


(00:00-02:47) What is Normal?

(02:48-03:25) Maladaptive Behavior

(03:25-06:09) Classification Systems

(06:10-07:50) 5 Axis System

(07:51-08:00) Recap

Terms to Know

Standard Deviation

Statistical term that tells us how tightly data is grouped around its mean.



Maladaptive Behavior

Behavior that makes it more difficult to meet the demands of everyday life.


Occurring at the same time, more than one diagnosis

Source: Barbara Ludins, Author

Questions and Answers

Introduction to Psychology

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