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SAT Math: Practice Test Solutions, Part 1

SAT Math: Practice Test Solutions, Part 1

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The College Board provides 3 complete sample tests to help students prepare. These are actual tests that were administered between 2005 and 2006.

In this packet I present solutions to several of the problems in section 2 of the SAT from January 2006. Don't worry...they are still relevant.

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Section 2 of the January 2006 SAT

You can download a copy of this practice test with the questions from the College Board by clicking the following link:

The questions are on pages 14 - 16.

Section 2 - Question 6

Section 2 - Question 10

Section 2 - Question 11

Section 2 - Question 12

Section 2 - Question 13

Section 2 - Question 14

Section 2 - Question 17

Section 2 - Question 19

Section 2 - Question 20

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