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The Holocaust

The Holocaust

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Author: Dan Fritze

The students will understand how the Nazis attempted genocide against the Jews and other undesirables.

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The Holocaust: Hitler's Final Solution

*What was Hitler's final solution?
**What problem did he need a solution to?

Kristallnacht - 1938: The Beginning of the Holocaust

Kristallnacht: aka-'Crystal-Night' ... aka-'Night of the Broken Glass'
*How many synagogues were burned?
**How many Jews were murdered?
***How many Jews were put into concentration camps?
****How did the non-Jewish German and Austrian neighbors respond to this?
*****Did the rest of the world doing anything about this?

The Holocaust in Color

-What did the Nazis put up on Jewish shops? What happened to the people that resisted?
*What did Hitler claim would happen to the Jew if they (supposedly) started 'another' world war?
**Where was the largest ghetto? (What does the term 'ghetto' mean in this instance?)
***Approximately how many concentration camps did Hitler have?
****What did the people that eventually died in the camps want the survivors to do?
*****How many Jews did the Nazis murder?
******What did the Americans force the people from the nearby towns to do?

Band of Brothers: Why We Fight

*What did the American soldiers find for the first time?
**Describe the reactions of the Americans as they realized what they were seeing.

Source: Youtube.com

Facts about the Holocaust

*What does the word 'holocaust' actually mean?
**What groups of people were targeted by Hitler's Holocaust?
***What was the main cause of death for people in the Holocaust?


Could the United States have done more to save people from the Holocaust?

Questions and Answers

  • Answer 1
    Justin Peterson over 1 year ago

    Do we only have to do 1 video? How long should our answers be?

      Nick Lane answered over 1 year ago

      Im pretty sure that is what he said.

  • Answers 0
    Jordan Hewitt about 3 years ago

    Is the first box a slide show or more of a cover slide? Great info!

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