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5 Tutorials that teach Trigonometric Functions in Context
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Trigonometric Functions in Context

Trigonometric Functions in Context

Author: Anna
The practical uses of the trigonometric functions are explored here.
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Source: Video created by Anna

Questions and Answers

  • Answers 0
    Michael Meehan 3 months ago

    What is a cosine

  • Jude Elliott
    Answer 1
    Jude Elliott 9 months ago

    Anna used the wrong angle in the triangle. She did not use the angle of depression. How do you get her to change it?

      Jude Elliott
      Jude Elliott answered 9 months ago

      You must change the 60 degrees to the angle inside the triangle by the worm.

  • Answer 1
    ashwini seth 11 months ago

    i havt understood trignometry

      Gracielle Nebres answered 10 months ago

      It's ok.. Study more through books and educational videos and practice makes perfect :)

  • Answers 0
    Susan Bowler over 1 year ago

    Anna, the angle of depression is the angle from the horizontal to the object on the ground. You have drawn the angle from the vertical. That angle is actually 30 degrees, correct?

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