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Vectors and Scalars Part 1

Vectors and Scalars Part 1

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In this packet I introduce the student to what a vector is and how it is related to and different from a scalar. We look at several examples of scalars and vectors and also review how to add and subtract vectors from one another.

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Vectors and Scalars

In this slide show I define vectors and scalars, how they can be related, and how vectors can be added and subtracted.

Questions and Answers

  • random guy
    Answer 1
    random guy — over 2 years ago

    i dont like vectors

      Parmanand Jagnandan answered over 2 years ago

      They are not that bad :), and you will definitely need to understand them to work in physics or the engineering fields.

  • Answers 0
    Wendy Dusek about 4 years ago

    What is "magnitude"? It may be helpful to define that term also, so the learners have a reference point. :)

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