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What are empirical questions?

What are empirical questions?

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Author: Jonathan Davis
  1. Be able to distinguish questions that can be answered with science
  2. Be able to develop a question that can be answered with science, given a non-empirical question.

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Empirical and non-Empirical questions

This video gives a few examples to help you distinguish empirical and non-empirical questions, and it also points out that developing empirical questions is a process involving logical assumptions to connect ideas to observation.

Slides for Video

This is a one-page PDF document that you may wish to print and take notes on, as you listen to the video lecture.

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Questions and Answers

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    Caitlin Gosling over 1 year ago

    Should we further define the word 'hardest' in relation to the question you set? People must view different things on the hard to easy scale? Is this important do you think?

  • Answers 0
    manaf khan over 1 year ago

    it is a very beauiful explanation but i still have problems making some empirical questions about the Human Security of the Asylum seekers and refugees. I do not know how to make such questions

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