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Writing an argument paper

Writing an argument paper

  • Introduce argumentative writing, its purpose, and what must be included in this style of writing (e.g. a claim, support, a counterargument, etc.).
  • Explain how to make a claim in argumentative writing.
  • Explain how to write concluding statements for paragraphs in argumentative writing.
  • Explain how to acknowledge opposing arguments in argumentative writing.
  • Explain how to connect evidence and inferences in argumentative writing.
  • Explain appropriate patterns of organization for argumentative writing
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The purpose of the argument paper

The parts of the argument paper - claim, support and counterarguments.

Source: LaShanda Lawrence

Making a claim

Making a claim involves establishing your point through a strong thesis statement and how you will prove your main idea.

Source: LaShanda Lawrence

Connecting evidence and reader's inferences

The message that is sent to reader's through your writing should be clear. Be sure to support claims with facts in order to persuade reader about the validity of your claim.

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Source: LaShanda Lawrence

Connecting evidence to reader's inferences

The reader will make inferences based on the evidence provided by the writer.

Source: LaShanda Lawrence

Concluding your argument

Wrap up your conclusion with a readdress of your topic and thesis.

Source: LaShanda Lawrence

Addressing counter-arguments

Inclusion of the counter-argument makes you a better writer.

Source: LaShanda Lawrence

Structuring the argument essay

Flow chart of the argument essay

Source: LaShanda Lawrence

Argument outline

Use this outline to plan your argument paper.

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Source: LaShanda Lawrence

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    I have an argument paper can youhelp me ?

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