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Sophia and Bill Nye Build Excitement for Learning

Our partnership with Bill Nye the Science Guy gets students pumped to learn and truly explains what Sophia is all about. Our shared campaigns for flipping the classroom and fighting the summer brain drain, provided students access to tutorials and quizzes that kept their brains buzzing all summer.

When teachers use the Sophia platform to create and share lessons, they are giving students unique ways to maximize their learning potential. They are also giving themselves the gift of more time to focus on building relationships with students during class. Our partnership with Bill Nye provides students with access to great science content taught by the Science Guy himself.

Discover Great Content from Bill Nye the Science Guy

Crushing a can

What happens when you heat a small amount of water in a can, and then submerge it in cold water? What happens to the speed of particles when they go from hot to cold? Discover the effects of water vapor, the...

Liquid Nitrogen

This tutorial by Bill Nye demonstrations what happens to every day materials when placed in liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen is a gas that makes up 70% of our atmosphere. When frozen, nitrogen turns into liquid...

Cloud in a bottle

Have you ever wondered how clouds form in the atmosphere? See how a bicycle pump and a glass bottle create a homemade cloud as water vapor turns to liquid and attaches itself to dust by pressurizing smoke....

Atmospheric pressure

What happens when you place a water balloon on the mouth of a bottle with a flame burning inside? Watch and learn as we experiment together. Explore concepts such as atmospheric pressure, and combustion...

Why do earthworms like rain?

Ever notice after it rains, earth worms are everywhere? Here's the reason why and then some.

Do you think there is life on Mars?

Is there life on mars? Will we ever have an answer to this question? Watch and then stay tuned.....

Do you own a telescope?

Owning a telescope gives a person the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of our stars and planets. What do you see when you look at the night sky?

How does the Mars Rover prevent contaminating samples?

The need to prevent germs going to and coming from mars is essential. Science has advanced how to keep this from happening, hear how. And by the way, what is your favorite breakfast food?

How old is planet Earth?

Geology and history come together to create this tutorial that explores the age of the planet Earth. Discover methods scientists use when determining how the Earth developed and how they categorize these...