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Chrome Classroom Certification

Bring Google to School: Chrome Classroom Certification

Ready to impress your students and challenge yourself? Our Chrome Classroom certification program shows you how to use technology creatively and intelligently so you can be a better teacher--and inspire better students! Learn skills that help you get the most of cloud computing and collaborative technologies to seriously enhance your digital classroom.

Once you've finished the program, you'll get an official certification certificate, and the knowledge that you're taking your teaching game to a whole new level.


Register for the Program

Sign up for Sophia’s Chrome Classroom program whenever you want.

Take the 4-Tutorial Course & Pass the Quizzes

Watch the online tutorials that teach you how to make the most of Google drive to deliver a fun, challenging interactive educational experience. Once you view the tutorials and pass the quizzes, submit your own Sophia tutorial below.

Demonstrate Mastery

Show us that you're ready to unleash your Chrome skills on the world by creating a tutorial for your students and send us the link. Once we confirm how awesome you are, we'll let you know how to get your certificate.