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Flipped Classrooms Turn Everything Around

Remove lectures from your classroom.

It's hands on, in class, one-on-one learning, with a little cool technology thrown in!

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Traditional Classroom

Lecture in Class

Lecture in Class

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Homework at Home

Homework at Home

FLIPPED Classroom

Sophia Tutorial as Homework

Sophia Tutorial as Homework

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Interactive Learning in Class

Interactive Learning in Class


Students Love It!

There is more face time with their teacher, more active learning in class and no more “lectures.” “Homework” will never be the same.

You'll Love It!

Classroom anxiety decreases as your ability to teach to each individual student increases.

It Gets Results!
It Gets Results!

In a 2014 survey, roughly 9 out of 10 teachers noticed a positive change in student engagement since flipping their class.

→ See the Full Survey Results. You'll Flip!

Here's How to Flip Using the Sophia Learning Platform

(It's literally as easy as 1-2-3.)

How To Flip - Step 1

1. Find or create tutorials that teach concepts you want your students to learn. (We have tens of thousands to choose from.)

How To Flip - Step 2

2. Create a playlist to order the tutorials the way you want to teach, or create a private group for each one of your classes. (Or both.)

How To Flip - Step 3

3. Implement in the classroom. Interact with every student and differentiate the way you teach to them.

And here's the best part:

It's all FREE.

Tips to Flip

Here are a few things we've learned along the way we think will help you as you flip out.

When Creating a Tutorial

That may seem like a no brainer, but. We mean think ahead. Plan. Establish clear learning objectives and then think like a student. Anticipate any and every question in advance, so you can make sure you're covered in the tutorial you're creating. Questions are answered. Confusion's averted. You're already one step ahead.


Don't be afraid to bring a new technology into the classroom, nor be afraid to try a new way of teaching. It's like the first time you tried broccoli, and actually liked it. Besides, you can't break the Internet. So, get a little clumsy, clatter around then get comfortable. That's how you find your way.

Get Excited

Students appreciate teachers who are approachable and enthusiastic about what they teach. No need to turn into a robot or be super serious. Let your natural personality, and love of teaching, transmit online — like it does in the classroom. Just be you, doing what you do.

Get Creative

You know your students. You've learned that your kids are excited by color, graphics and visual aids. And now you have all sorts of tools and technology to really bring learning to life. So go ahead and make this enjoyable. Make it fun. Make it memorable-as only you know how to do.

And Finally

Remember you're human. You'll probably stumble on words. You'll probably make mistakes. But here's the good news. Teaching is still about people — not perfection, and quite honestly, that's one of the things students really seem to appreciate. So just be you. Stay confident. Stay humble. Correct what was wrong, and move forward. (If they catch anything that may not be quite right, smile. They're doing their homework!)

When Teaching a Flipped Classroom

One of the most important benefits of flipping your classroom is the additional time it gives you to engage with your students. They thrive on this time and your attention. This is such an exciting opportunity for both you and your students.


Flip Flip Hooray!