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Teachers love the flipped classroom

Teachers around the country are flipping their classroom and having great success. We recently surveyed 400 teachers who use Sophia and found that 85 percent of those who have flipped their classroom have seen improved grades and nearly all who have tried it would recommend it to others.

An Exciting Day for Sophia!

It’s an exciting day at Sophia! Today we are debuting a new site that offers students, teachers and parents a variety of new tools and continues our mission of providing many ways to learn. The site now offers more than 25,000 free academic tutorials taught in a variety of ways by hundreds of teachers and education enthusiasts. We also are introducing Sophia Pathways, which lead students on a learning journey, and launching a learning preference assessment where students can uncover the way they learn best by completing a short questionnaire.

Sophia's Featured Teacher

Teachers everywhere are using innovative techniques in their classrooms to help students learn. The latest technique is known as flipping the classroom – a new teaching method that further engages students in the learning process. Teachers who flip their classroom create academic tutorials that are uploaded to an online platform and reviewed by students outside of class as homework. Teachers then use valuable class time to delve deeper into the concepts and provide student-centered assistance as they complete their assignments.

Get social in 2012

The New Year offers an opportunity for us to reflect on the past and chart a fresh course. In 2012, we at Sophia ask you to consider directing your resolutions outward by helping us build a worldwide learning community.

Here's three simple steps you can take to help Sophia advance the Social Education movement in 2012:

· Create a learning packet

· Tell a friend about

· Review a learn...