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Not One But Many…

Today is an exciting day for the Sophia community. With the addition of 2,000 new academic tutorials, we now offer 4,500 free, credible lessons that are available to anyone, anywhere, 24/7 on Sophia began with the premise that there are millions of great ideas, methods, lessons and people who can contribute to society’s goal of spreading knowledge and making education more effective. And thanks to the hundreds of individuals who embraced the idea, we are successfully building a global learning community outside the traditional classroom where everyone has access to information taught in a way that makes sense to them.

Welcome to the Emerging World of Social Teaching

ednak conducted a thought networking webinar on the emerging world of social teaching. In this video, we are joined by Don Smithmier, founder and CEO of We take a look at the evolution of the "social web" and its impact on teaching and learning. Discover how this virtual landscape is changing education and how you can apply best practices of social teaching within your own course or institution.

How Educators Use Sophia

Sophia is the perfect place for anyone to share what they know. Whether an educator, tutor, professor, parent or subject expert, Sophia makes it easy to share your knowledge and make it available to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Supplemental Instruction Provide remedial and/or advanced instruction to support what is covered in the classroom. Blended Instruction Publish multimedia learning packets to further engage students in a meaningful way.

A year of learning on the horizon

Back to school means new classes, new friends and new academic challenges. With a year of learning on the horizon, we wanted to remind you that Sophia is a free and credible resource for academic content. Whether your student is having difficulty with a certain topic or needs a subject explained in a new way, the site provides more than 1,500 learning packets on a variety of subjects…from basic...