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Are you feeling summer brain drain?

Are you feeling summer brain drain? Why not spend a few minutes connecting and learning with people across the globe? The Sophia library has grown to more than 1,000 learning packets – bite-sized tutorials that range from teaching math concepts and grammar to a song that will help you remember the U.S. presidents. Turn that brain drain into summertime gain by freshening up on math concepts or teaching someone else your favorite mnemonic to remember the order of taxonomy in biology.

Sophia acquires Guaranteach and will combine the best of both platforms

Since our public launch of Sophia in March, I have been humbled and thrilled by the response from individuals like you who have become part of the Sophia community. Thank you for playing a role in building a worldwide community that connects students, teachers, tutors, parents and professionals to credible and inspiring academic content. While the school year may be concluding, our work continues. We are excited to announce that Sophia has acquired Guaranteach – a Web-based service that provides nearly 23,000 short-form videos on math topics ranging from counting to calculus that were developed by nearly 200 teachers and experts in the field. Guaranteach also offers more than 60,000 quiz questions as well as assessment tools that match tutorials to the learning style of the learner and provide student progress reports.

Leave your legacy

As an educator, you’ve spent years perfecting a lesson, nailing a concept and engaging students. You’ve had the attention of 20, 30, maybe 60 students. Some of the students have been with you; some have drifted off. Some weren’t in the room that day, but you wished they had been.

You’ve got dozens of folders containing your illustrative notes, your diagrams, your examples. But you’ve moved on....

Tapping The Expert In All Of Us

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, there are just over 5 million professional educators in the U.S. at the K-12 or college level – a huge number and yet not nearly enough. Interestingly, according to the U.S. Census[1], there are more than 40 million Americans with a bachelor’s degree and over 15 million Americans with a master’s degree or higher. That’s a whole lot of people that have invested a lot of energy, time and money into acquiring academic expertise. And many – like me, for instance, a U.S. History major – now work in jobs where that expertise goes largely untapped.