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English Composition Added to Sophia Pathways

Sophia has launched their newest General Education online college course English Competency Composition. Sophia now offers a complete library of competency based general education courses that are making college affordable to more students across the nation.

Throughout the Sophia Pathways English Composition course, students will learn about the stages of the writing process, from brainstorming and drafting through revision and proofreading. Students will strengthen their writing skills and become more engaged readers and critical thinkers.

Different than other Sophia Pathways online college courses, English Composition students will be asked to submit a short writing sample (250-500 words) to demonstrate their writing style. This sample will help Sophia's Learning Coaches to support students with their successful journey though the course.

Students will develop better understanding of English Composition, the Writing Process, Writing and Revising Techniques, Conduct Research and Synthesize Academic Writing Skills while completing the course. Evaluation will be based on a series of 15 formative assessments referred to as Challenges, five summative assessments that are called Milestones, and five project-based assessments or Touchstones.

The English Composition course uses problem-based learning and real-world situations, teaching students how to apply knowledge in practical and relevant contexts. The course features Sophia’s Many Ways™ learning model providing multiple teachers and various instructional styles for each concept so students can find a style that meshes with their individual learning preference. This rich, immersive experience helps students better understand and retain information, for an all-around smarter way to learn.

Sophia Pathways allows students to gain college credits at an affordable price. The new English Composition course is only $329 for the complete course. That is the same price as other online college courses from Sophia. As with all Sophia Pathways courses, there are no additional textbooks to purchase or additional items, further reducing the cost. Another great addition to Sophia is their 3-part payment plan, which allows students to pay for their courses in smaller increments. This makes courses even more affordable to many students.

Unlike traditional college courses, Sophia allows students to choose the start date of their courses and work at their own pace. This helps to speed up the time it takes for students to receive their college degree. Sophia’s competency-based courses allow students to move forward when they achieve mastery of the essential skills and concepts of the course. Students are also given their own online progress chart, so they can clearly see how much work they have completed and are motivated to advance to the next level. This allows students to progress through their classes and gain their degree quicker.

Additionally, Sophia Pathways offers its own Many Ways learning model, which accommodates different learning styles. By allowing students to choose an instructor that is best fit for them they have seen great student success. The learning model allows students to complete the course at any time using their computer, tablet or smartphone. Sophia Pathways™ has proven success with its unique model with an 83% successful completion rate.

Sophia courses are available for direct transfer to their premier partner universities – Capella University, American Sentinel University and Rasmussen College. The competency-based courses have also been reviewed by the American Council on Education and recommended for potential transfer credit to over 2,000 different colleges and universities.

Students interested in enrolling in Sophia’s new English Composition course can get started at Students may try this, or any of the courses provided by Sophia Pathways™ on a trial bases prior to purchasing the course. 

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