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Meet the winner of our scholarship competition

Tabitha Grassmid of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has won an entire year of college free from Sophia. While we received many great application essays, Tabitha’s deep motivation, commitment to learn, and ambition to succeed helped her stand out from the competition.

Tabitha applied to Capella in December of last year and found out about Sophia from an enrollment counselor. She began with Sophia’s undergraduate Psychology track, and plans to complete a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.

As a stay-at-home mom of 4 kids under 4, Tabitha says a self-paced learning environment is the best way to use her time efficiently, whether she has 20 minutes or 3 hours to spare between taking caring of her family. She loves inspirational quotes and posts them all over her house to keep her motivated.

Tabitha is a two-time postpartum depression survivor. Inspired by the help and support she received from two therapists, she started her own PPD screening program in her local pediatrician’s office that offers follow-up care and support for moms in her community. Her own experiences, as well as the devastating loss of close friend to PPD, have helped her realize that she wants to complete her Master’s to become a therapist so she can offer professional help to moms like her. Her Sophia scholarship will help her jumpstart her career, and Sophia’s flexible, affordable online courses will keep her on the path to success.

Raising a family of 6 on a single income, Tabitha and her husband see this scholarship as an amazing opportunity to make life better for themselves and their family. “Having an education to give my children a better life, these are the personal goals a parent should have, “Tabitha says.  “At the end of the day I am doing this for my family and our future, that is more motivation than any mommy needs.  I will not let this scholarship go to waste.  It means too much to our family.”

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