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Sophia at MinneDemo | Winter 2011


Minnedemo Winter 2011 - Sophia from TECHdotMN on Vimeo.

On the heels of a great writeup in (, Steve Anastasi (Sophia’s VP of Technology) presented Sophia at MinneDemo to a group on MN technology supporters, investors and media organizations.  The format for the presentations is seven minutes long, no PowerPoint, and it must be working technology.  Steve focuses this presentation on three use cases for Sophia: using Sophia as a student, using Sophia as a content creator, and using Sophia as a teacher.

ABOUT MinneDemo: MinneDemo is for real, working technology products made in Minnesota. Demos are 7 minutes long and PowerPoint IS NOT ALLOWED. Some have described it as geek show and tell. We like to think that geeks and those interested in what they are doing (i.e investors, media organizations, etc) will enjoy an event centered on seeing these what the local scene is up to.
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