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Sophia Featured on MPR Forum on Social Education

Sophia received high marks recently when put to the test by educators and school administrators in conjunction with a recent MPR Forum hosted by Mid Morning Host Kerri Miller. Attendees at the January 26 event had a chance to try the social teaching and learning platform, and then participate in a discussion about technology’s role in the classroom.

Many topics were discussed during the hour-long forum including making students smart users of technology; the capacity that now exists to make content come alive; and the fact that the teacher in each of us can be tapped and harnessed in a site like Sophia.

One point that everyone seemed to agree upon – technology is here to stay and schools need to find ways to integrate it into their lesson plans to enhance their ability to reach students.

Here are a few things we heard:

  • “I think it is beautiful and creative. Students will be happy.” (Audience member)

  • “Sophia meets kids where they are at…they sometimes have a short attention span and the learning packets are just long enough to hold their attention.” (Teacher from Minneapolis)

  • “At my school, attendance is a problem. If a student misses school for a day, Sophia helps reduce the gaps in learning.” (Teacher at alternative high school)

  • “The learning packets looked really good…it reminded me of what has happened with Wikipedia…this can grow and be a great resource for people to be self directed and capable of doing their own learning throughout life.” (Director of Cyber Village Academy Charter School)

  • “Sophia is set up from the very beginning with a Web 2.0 idea so it is easy to set up a feed where a student can follow a packet or a group, and every time I put something new up it finds them.” (Math instructor from Normandale Community College)

  • “It fits with the conversations we are having as education leaders that we need to have mobile learning, 24/7, it should be paperless and we need to flip our classrooms where we don’t need 10,000 teachers across the country teaching each concept in their own way every day. We would gain more time in the classroom because we are talking about having homework done at school and schoolwork done at home. (Superintendent of West St. Paul Schools)

  • “One of the great things about a program like Sophia is once we have 100 or 1,000 users on it, I might start seeing something great you did and think I could incorporate it in my class and that raises the bar for our whole profession.” (Teacher from White Bear Lake)

  • “What if I could become part of a learning circle…to contribute and be part of a web of support for each child…that would be phenomenal.” (Audience member)

To hear the discussion, listen here:
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