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Sophia Partners with the United States Sports Academy

Sophia is pleased to announce a new partnership with the United States Sports Academy to help prospective students achieve necessary credit requirements prior to enrollment. As an institution that provides bachelor completion undergraduate programs, USSA offers students classes for the final two years of an upper-division degree in Bachelor's of Sports Science in four majors: Sports Management, Sports Coaching, Sports Studies and Sports Strength and Conditioning. Students entering these programs must have completed a minimum of 36 semester hours by transfer to enter these programs. The USSA partnership with Sophia offers students who have not meet the credit requirements a flexible, affordable option to achieve their educational goals.

The Academy was founded in 1972 in direct response to the ever-increasing needs in sport and society in America. The USSA serves the nation and the world as a sport education resource, enhancing sport through programs of instruction, research and service.

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