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Texas Science Team Embraces EdTech

The science team in Brenham, Texas is going above and beyond to stay current with the latest education technology trends and enhancing student learning through the use of technology and online learning. All of these passionate educators in the science team have Chromebooks in their classrooms and are eager to engage their students. One active EdTech teacher at Brenham is Tammy Murphy, who completed Sophia's Chrome Classroom professional development program and is already creating appropriate lessons for her students. She struts her stuff and shows off her Sophia t-shirt!

In a recent blog post from Brenham science teacher, Carol Fenton, she shares her story on integrating technology into her classroom using Chromebooks and Sophia lessons. "Then the Chromebook cart arrived and mine had a big sign on it, 'GUILT.' If you don't make use of us, you are being a poor steward of this electronic magic carpet ride that is waiting to take your kids to so many worlds beyond what YOU can do."

Read Carol's full reflection of using Chromebooks and Sophia in her blog post "WOW Wednesday: Carol Fenton, BMS".


Thank you, Brenham Middle School, for embracing education technology and inspiring students to become lifelong learners. Your enthusiasm, dedication and commitment does not go unnoticed.

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