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Sophia Enhances Online Social Teaching and Learning Site with New Navigation, Design and Search Options

Press Release: Minneapolis, April 28, 2011 Provides Free, Credible Academic Content

Sophia, a first-of-its-kind online social teaching and learning platform thatoffers free academic content to anyone, anywhere, introduced several new enhancements to the site ( to streamline the process of creating content and sharing it with others.

Since the public beta launch in March...

A new model for online learning

[Article from Star Tribune]Students who struggle with math homework may have a devil of a time trying to get help from their parents.

They could turn to the Internet, but how would they know which websites are accurate?

The Minneapolis start-up Sophia hopes to provide a solution. The company, named after the Greek word for wisdom, has an online platform that allows people to upload educational...

Unlocking the Teacher in All of Us

[Article from Mind/ Shift]We hear a lot about the importance of “social learning” — the recognition that students’ collaboration on projects is something to praise, not a form of cheating to punish. But we tend to hear little about “social teaching,” and the idea that that collaborative process of knowledge sharing and building involves both learning and teaching.

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Mpls. Company Starts Sophia, A New Educational Website

[Article from WCCO]MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Have you met Sophia yet? It’s not a woman, but a website created by a Minneapolis start-up.

“It’s a very social tool. It’s easy to use,” said Sophia founder and CEO Don Smithmier. “It’s very familiar to people who use the Internet everyday, but it’s focused 100 percent on academics, and it’s focused on teaching and learning.”

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