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Minneapolis Mayor, RT Rybak, talks about Sophia and Don Smithmier

Minneapolis Mayor, RT Rybak, talks about Sophia and CEO Don Smithmier in his 2011 state of the city address, citing that

Don and Sophia are exactly the kind of thing we want in the creative economy, and to really move it forward in the City of Minneapolis.

Sophia online academic community beta logs hits from 69 countries in first 48 hours

[Originally Posted In The Line] After four months of private-site testing, the online education site Sophia went live on March 7.

The response was overwhelming: In the first 48 hours, people logged on from 69 different countries. Not bad, considering Sophia had spent nothing on advertising.

"That was really just based on educational blogs and people spreading the word on Twitter and Face...

Sophia - Social Teaching and Learning

[Free for Teachers Article]There are a lot of places on the web where students can find free homework help. Some of those places are better than others, Sophia is one that falls into the "better" category. Sophia is a free platform on which teachers can publish packets of information about any academic topic they choose. Packets can include text, images, and videos to explain and illustrate inf... - Online Information You Can Trust

[Killer Startups Article]A social learning startup, Sophia is focused on letting people share their knowledge by creating lesson packets that are then made available to all and sundry. These lesson packets can include everything from text and images to videos and audio clips found on sites like Wikipedia, YouTube and Facebook. And lesson packets can deal with mostly anything (although they tend...