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GoKart Labs Spins-off EduTech Startup Sophia Learning

[Tech{dot}MN Article]After a year of prototyping, fundraising and development, social teaching and learning network Sophia is alive in private beta.

Sophia was created by GoKart Labs, a ‘digital innovation shop’ we previously know from collaborations with Prior to GoKart, CEO and Co-founder Don Smithmier had 14 years of employment with online education org Capella before lea...

Why Sophia

There is no single answer when it comes to improving education, just as there is no denying the fact that it can and must be done better. Perhaps, however, there is one simple, guiding theme. Innovation. Sophia began with the premise that there are millions of great ideas, methods, lessons and people who can contribute to our society’s goal of spreading knowledge and making education better and more effective. Sophia aims to enable innovation. We want to connect learners to teachers, teachers to other teachers, learners to other learners, parents to tutors, tutors to teachers, and so on. We want to build a community outside the traditional classroom where everyone has access to information taught in a way that makes sense to them.