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Adult Learning Theory
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Adult Learning Theory

Focus on developing the skill of integrating adult learning theory and current research-based best practices into professional development program planning. Evaluate how to facilitate professional learning and professional development using the six principles of adult learning theory. Full Description


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Application questions within the course send teachers into their classrooms to practice and reflect upon what they have learned applying your learning with your students.

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Adult Learning Theory

Improving your professional development to deliver better outcomes starts with understanding your audience.  Facilitate professional learning and professional development using the six principles of adult learning theory and see how much more effective your PD can be.

During this course you will build

  • An analysis of your own professional development experiences using adult learning theories
  • A list for improving your own  professional learning plan aligned to a framework for adult learning 
  • A review (and recommendations) for a PD program
  • An evaluation of your school or district's current professional development plan 
  • A survey on professional development to be implemented at your school  
  • A report with recommendations for your  school or district's professional development plan


28 Student Reviews
by RUTH M. on February 24, 2020
by Deirdre B. on January 5, 2020
Adult Learning Theory was a valuable resource I will use in order to reflect on professional developments using surveys and the important theories as well.
by Lisa R. on October 1, 2019
This course was extremely informative. The course was prepared and delivered in a systematic way that ensured the participants understanding. In some cases the voice of one of the facilitators was a bit monotone making it difficult to attend to a few of the tutorials.
by Kaley F. on September 24, 2019
Made me think and put my PD experiences perspective!
by Shoshana K. on August 20, 2019
The touchstone instructions are not well-written. The rubrics also need to be proofread and edited to eliminate subjective terms.
by Amy C. on August 14, 2019
This course was a bit boring and I had trouble navigating the system in the beginning (and I have taken many online classes before). It also contradicted what it was teaching about how adults like to learn. I thought the course really only consisted of memorizing vocabulary specific to adult learning theories. Also, I normally get 100% on tests and my average was terrible. The practice milestones were much easier than the actual ones. Many times I kept getting the same kinds of questions wrong and didn't really understand why. The course did not explain certain assumptions as much as others. I did learn a few minor things about teaching adults but overall this course was just okay.
by Briana E. on August 4, 2019
Some of the milestone questions are questionable, but other than that, this course was great. I enjoyed the information - especially in the 2nd half of the course. I found the 1st half to be dry and the 2nd half to be more applicable. Very cool and intriguing. Highly recommend!
by marlene c. on May 26, 2019
Excellent course. I feel the foundation of Adult Learning Principles has been well cemented after completing the course. I have acquired skills and a better understanding of Andragogy. This will translate into incorporating these skills to those I mentor, to the classes I currently teach and to the coursework I have yet to create. Thank You!