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Business Law

Business Law

Sophia's Business Law course is designed to introduce you to the fundamental aspects of law in business. Specifically, you will learn about the sources of law and methods of litigation in the United States, the laws governing corporations and other business entities, the bases of liability in contracts and torts, and the role of businesses in property and agency law. Full Description

3 semester credits

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Category: Business

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Business Law

Course Description
Sophia's Business Law course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental aspects of law in business. Specifically, you will learn about the sources of law and methods of litigation in the United States, the laws governing corporations and other business entities, the bases of liability in contracts and torts, and the role of businesses in property and agency law. Throughout the course, you will be exposed to examples of both real and fictional cases to illustrate the concepts in practice.

Assessments & Grading
This is a pass/fail course. You must complete 11 Challenge assessments (these are like quizzes), 3 Milestone assessments (these are like tests), and 1 Touchstone (this is a written assignment) with an overall score of 70% or better.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course, you will be able to: 

  • Identify the various legal theories and sources of law in the United States
  • Recognize the structure and legal requirements of different business entities
  • Analyze the function and role of courts in the United States legal system
  • Evaluate business decisions through the lens of ethical theories and models
  • Identify the requirements for executing or voiding contracts
  • Determine the appropriate remedies in scenarios involving a breach of contract
  • Distinguish between the types of torts that individuals and organizations may commit
  • Apply the theories of strict liability to examples of tortious conduct
  • Recognize the various types of property that can be legally owned in the United States
  • Interpret the laws that govern the different types of intellectual property
  • Analyze the roles, responsibilities, and liabilities of principals and agents

Sophia's Many Ways™
This course provides you access to Sophia's Many Ways™ learning model. This model provides you with various instructional styles for each learning objective. With this unique model, you can find a method that appeals to your individual learning preference.

by Reginald W. on July 23, 2020
I would say that Bus Law is a really in-depth view of the business aspect of law. Contracts, Courts, Property law, if you do not like these subjects don't take it. The questions are full of what-ifs and scenarios. Not so clear cut.
by Beige D. on July 23, 2020
The touchstone on this was very difficult. Overall, a good course. I learned a lot.
by Aaron T. on October 11, 2020
This class was tough, and confusing. Many concepts were not clearly defined with clear examples. Also, I am concerned that the touchstone grader does not know APA style very well (either that or all my other professors at other universities do not know APA style). I cited the paper according to all other APA papers I have written but was told my APA citations were incorrect in the touchstone. I think this course still needs some refinement.
by Kimberlee S. on September 25, 2020
This course wasn't too bad! This was my first time taking a touchstone (writing an essay through Sophia) and it wasn't the greatest, but I managed to still get an A on it. I wish the essay prompt was clearer on what it wanted and included more useful information, because I feel like it lacked info that would have made the essay writing easier. But overall the class wasn't bad!
by John M. on August 2, 2020
The content is interesting, certainly. But this course has had the greatest number of heavily subjective questions of any I've taken. Rarely will you get a question wrong and feel like it was obvious why. Many questions will have two answers that are nearly indistinguishable from each other. Proceed with caution.
by Christian H. on August 16, 2020
The challenges and pretest were great but the actual test were confusing and nothing like the practice ones. How do you have a 100 in the class and on practice test but than get below a 70 on the actual test? Read the questions closely because they were purposely confusing. I don't like that you can't take the final before submitting the paper or pause they test since I have a weak bladder and need breaks but overall it covered all important info. I completed it in one week so it doesn't take long to do.
by Nancy M. on September 9, 2020
This was not an enjoyable course. It was mostly reading definitions. When doing challenges and milestones, there is never an explanation. It would be nice to know why the answer was incorrect or at least why the other answer was correct. I was hoping to learn a little more. Not just read through vocabulary. Even though I was tough on the review, I still earned 85%.
by Benjamin B. on August 14, 2020
This course was the most challenging of the 11 so far I've completed. I just started statistics which I'm sure will be harder. Overall this was a neat course to take but I am glad it's over and done with. The touchstone may seem intimidating at first but I found it quite easy after I started it.


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    A: The Free Trial allows you to access the course of your choice, or multiple courses. It gives you access to the first unit ("Challenge 1") in the course. This will let you meet the course instructors, sample the instructional content, and answer a set of assessment questions in the Challenge. You can also read the Student Guide and watch an Orientation Video to learn more about the course format, requirements, and resources.

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  • Q: Does Sophia accept third-party payment for membership, such as financial aid or military benefits?

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  • Q: When do the courses start and how long do I have to complete a course?

    A: You choose your own course start date and have 60 days from your chosen start date to complete each course. Sophia courses are self-paced, so many students complete a course in less than 60 days.

  • Q: Where do I get the textbooks for my course?

    A: You do not need any textbooks for Sophia courses. All material is taught by video and text-based tutorials that are in the courseroom, and are included as part of a Sophia membership.

  • Q: How am I graded in the course?

    A: Sophia courses are graded on a pass/fail basis, with 70% overall required to pass the course. Your score is based upon points earned in the formative assessments ("Challenges"), summative assessments ("Milestones"), and if applicable, the authentic assessments ("Touchstones"). Currently, our Foundations of English Composition, English Composition I, and Public Speaking courses contain Touchstones.

  • Q: How do I know which courses I should take?

    A: Consult with your academic adviser at your university to determine specifically which Sophia courses could fit into your program. You can download the course syllabus directly from our site to share with your school advisor.

  • Q: Are the tests proctored?

    A: Sophia courses utilize keyboard biometrics as an alternative to proctoring. No webcam is needed for a Sophia course.

  • Q: I'm taking a course where I have to submit Touchstones. How long does it take for my Touchstone to be graded once it's submitted?

    A: We provide our faculty graders with up to 7 business days to grade a Touchstone. The actual time may vary based on volume and grader capacity.

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