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Classroom Device Management
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Classroom Device Management

Adding devices to your school or classroom? Are you engaging students with tablets, laptops, smart phones? Explore structures and systems used in managing a variety of devices and instructional planning in a 1:1 learning environment. Build a classroom plan to keep your students safe—and yourself sane. Full Description


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Application questions within the course send teachers into their classrooms to practice and reflect upon what they have learned applying your learning with your students.

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Nothing can end a lesson faster than not having devices on-hand and accounted for or not knowing a log-in code.  Knowing what to think about (and what to do) when creating a technology resource inventory will save you many headaches in the future.  Setting clear and purposeful expectations for technology use with your students (and parents) will save you even more. 

During this course you will  build 

  • A technology resource inventory for your class 
  • Articulated and communicated classroom expectations for technology use with your students
  • Refined and revised classroom policies post-implementation 


8 Student Reviews
by Marissa B. on June 28, 2018
Great ideas for developing routines and expectations around devices in the classroom. I do think some questions that required only one answer really could have multiple answers depending on the population of students you serve, etc.
by Gabriela S. on June 5, 2018
Some of the answers to the questions in the milestone did not match the information provided.
by Janice H. on August 21, 2017
Teachers cannot just have students bring their own devices to the classroom without having a specific management plan in place. This course thoroughly explains the ins and outs of such a plan in easy to understand scenarios.
by Kevin G. on June 16, 2017
I honestly didn't feel like this class gave me much insight on management of devices and how to incorporate it into a classroom setting. There is info you need to know, sure, but all in all I don't really feel like there's much I could take to my classroom.
by Marina G. on January 18, 2017
Worthwhile. Some questions had answers that could be arguable.
by Melissa D. on May 14, 2016
I liked that the course wasn't isn't about how to use my iPad. It is about understanding why and when digital tools can help me to engage and support my students better.
by Beth M. on May 21, 2016
It is directly applicable to me and my classroom. I am building artifacts that I will continue to use with my students well after I finish the course.
by Carrie F. on May 3, 2016
I really like that the course makes me accountable for my own learning. I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues but it is nice that I don't need to wait for someone else to move on with my learning.