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Classroom Instruction using an LMS
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Classroom Instruction using an LMS

Thinking about using a new LMS? Do you want to learn how to get more out of the one you are using? Explore your learning management system (LMS) and others to understand what are the features necessary to improve student learning. Learn how to create a secure digital learning environment for your students using the tools found in your LMS. Full Description


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Your Time

Competency-based coursework makes it easy to learn on your time and at your pace, at home or on the go. It’s professional learning on your terms.

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Application questions within the course send teachers into their classrooms to practice and reflect upon what they have learned applying your learning with your students.

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Choose to earn professional contact hours or graduate credit and power your career as you see fit from personal growth through to a graduate degree.


Classroom Instruction using an LMS

Today's LMSs have features that can more easily enable collaborative environments, surface data for early interventions, provide for personal pathways and so much more.  Learning what to look for will help you to locate and use tools  that best drive to your student outcomes.

During this course you will build 

  • A  list necessary and desirable features to deliver instruction through an (your) LMS
  • Three activities using tools found in various LMSs 
  • Outcomes document (post-implementation) to share with your peers/school leadership


10 Student Reviews
by Ann C. on April 3, 2020
I really like Gino's other classes, but wasn't as enthused about this class.
by Shannon P. on September 18, 2019
Great Class for teaching about LMS. Some of the questions used different wording and information that what was presented but if you were paying attention you could decode what they wanted you to know. It was mostly based around Schoology and Sophia as well as open source and cloud based programs; so if this is the type of items you are bringing into your class and school then this is the class for you! Tutorials were enjoyable!
by Ruth T. on September 1, 2019
The course was good. I would have liked a little more direction on Moodle and Sophia. It was difficult to set up moodle for my classroom.
by Ken D. on May 14, 2019
seemed disconnected a bit
by Robin M. on September 15, 2017
The Milestone test was poorly written.
by Patricia E. on June 23, 2016
I have learned a lot. I also realize that need to take better notes as I progress though the material. Often I assume I will remember more specific information, particularly terminology, than I actually DO recall. (I am sure this happens with my students, too.) Thanks.
by Missy M. on June 17, 2016
I enjoyed the course. I wish the videos had all had transcripts to read through. Some of the links to resources did not work. Some of my answers were counted wrong because I used a word that meant the same thing. It was difficult to know the exact word that was required. would have been nice to see a spreadsheet comparison of different LMS. I think it would have made it easier to grasp.
by Beth M. on May 21, 2016
It is directly applicable to me and my classroom. I am building artifacts that I will continue to use with my students well after I finish the course.