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Flipping Your Classroom

You've heard about it; now try it! Develop a lesson using the flipped classroom model and try it with your students. Using a constructivist, problem-based learning approach, you will learn to increase engagement by creating and testing your very own flipped lesson. Full Description

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Course marketing page

There are many ways to use 1:1 computing in the classroom.  Explore blended learning and "bring your own device" (BYOD) strategies as you build and implement a flipped classroom lesson.

During this course you will build

  • A template for creating flipped lessons for your students
  • A flipped lesson to implement in your classroom
  • An evaluation tool for continuous improvement 


12 Student Reviews
by Theresa O. on June 10, 2017
Very informative,
by Kelly B. on March 1, 2017
This is a great concept and really challenged me to think critically about how I teach. I hope to be able to implement this concept soon.
by Mary R. on February 12, 2017
I thought a lot of the information in this course was very interesting to read and think about, but mostly hypothetical. I don't necessarily feel as though I could immediately start implementing a flipped classroom model just from reading, though. I would have loved more practical instructions or resources to actually start to use this.
by umar a. on January 14, 2017
I clearly understand the benefits and challenges of flipping a classroom
by Marina G. on December 28, 2016
With all due respect, as I am learning and appreciate the availability of the courses, the developers of this tutorial might benefit from their own tutorial in test question construction (see Popham). The questions with double negatives, for instance, are frustrating and in several cases one had to be able to read the teacher's mind in the scenario in order to select the correct answer. In other instances, the correct answers are arguable - especially in case where a teacher's effectiveness is in question. What I think is reflective thinking or effective teaching was not always in agreement or alignment with the thinking of the test developers.
by Doris G. on October 13, 2016
Enjoyed the process. I fell behind a little, but I liked the reminder in my email. This prompted me to get back into the lessons and finish up before the deadline. Thank you!
by Kevin G. on August 15, 2016
I definitely liked the content and it was pretty easy to go through. My biggest issue is that some of the questions in quizzes and on the milestone are just very poorly worded and can create confusion. Otherwise, very useful.
by Bang H. on August 1, 2016
It is a nice course