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Implementing Adaptive Learning
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Implementing Adaptive Learning

Meet the diverse learning needs of all students, including those with disabilities, English-language learners, or gifted and talented students. Learn new adaptive learning techniques using devices and digital tools to meet the needs of all of your students. Full Description


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Competency-based coursework makes it easy to learn on your time and at your pace, at home or on the go. It’s professional learning on your terms.

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Application questions within the course send teachers into their classrooms to practice and reflect upon what they have learned applying your learning with your students.

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Diversity and adaptation concerns affect every classroom. In this course you will create a vetted list of strategies to adapt to the needs of  your students with disabilities, your ELL students, and your gifted and talented students to use now and in the future.   

During this course you will build

  • A vetted resource of current adaptive instructional techniques
  • A list of ideas and technology tools for increasing adaptive learning in your classroom
  • A reflection about implementing adaptive learning in your classroom 


16 Student Reviews
by Lillian D. on March 19, 2019
Loved how the course was organized! Videos very helpful, practice quizzes and Challenge questions very well organized, too. It was very helpful having the hints with the Challenge questions, Practice Milestone, and the Milestone. Looking forward to my next class!
by Lorraine S. on March 19, 2019
This course was well laid out and organized and provided the right information to help me to understand the concepts I needed to know to pass the exam. d I love being able to take the practice Milestone as often as I wanted to prepare myself for the Milestone that actually counted at the end. The videos were helpful and the mini quizzes helped much. Thanks - looking forward to the next course through Capella University!
by Daisy G. on March 12, 2019
Concise and helpful!
by Jessika O. on August 17, 2018
Very good and easy to follow.
by Stephen S. on April 2, 2018
Excellent content and instructional flow- I learned a lot of new information. Course was challenging and well thought out. Will be taking more classes in the future!! A+
by Vanessa J. on February 19, 2018
Very easy to use. I loved the ability to go at my own pace, review material as often as I needed, and select video presenters who made the material easy to understand.
by tena p. on February 13, 2018
I preferred having the transcripts to read with the audio much more than audio alone.
by Julie M. on February 9, 2018
The course was well organized and the format was easy to use. Thanks!