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Introduction to Art History

Sophia's Introduction to Art History course helps you gain mastery of the basic art history elements of the Western world from prehistoric to modern times. In this course, you will explore art exhibits, analyze buildings and architecture, and examine art in everyday life. Full Description

3 semester credits

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Course marketing page

This Introduction to Art History Course uses problem­-based learning that shows you how to apply your knowledge in real­-world situations. Our Many Ways™ learning model feature multiple teachers and various instructional styles for each concept so you can find a style that meshes with your individual learning preference. This rich, immersive experience helps you better understand and retain information, for an all­-around smarter way to learn.

Sophia's Introduction to Art History Course helps you gain mastery of the basic art history elements of the Western world from prehistoric to modern times. In this Course, you will explore art exhibits, analyze buildings and architecture, and examine art in everyday life.

In Sophia's Introduction to Art History Course, you will complete a series of assessments comprised of 18 Challenge assessments and 6 Milestone assessments tied to the following learning outcomes:

  • Describe Art History.
  • Examine Art from 22,000 BC through 400 AD.
  • Distinguish Art from 401 AD through 1450 AD.
  • Analyze Art from 1451 AD through 1800 AD.
  • Categorize Art from 1801 AD through 1900 AD.
  • Interpret Art from 1901 AD through Present.


77 Student Reviews
by Dustin C. on May 23, 2016
Seemed to be very difficult subject matter that was hard to complete in this style of online learning.
Sophia replied on May 24, 2016

Dustin, Congratulations on your successful course completion. This is a rigorous college-level course and a new subject to many students. The Sophia Learning Coaches are here to support our students in this, and all the other Sophia courses. We hope to see you in another course soon!

— Mike F. | Sophia Learning Coach
by Zoe D. on May 23, 2016
It was a fine course. Interesting, easy
by Kirstin P. on May 22, 2016
It was easy to follow and complete on pace.
by Miriam C. on May 22, 2016
I learned many things while taking this course. The tutorials and instructors are very helpful.
by Kelly P. on May 18, 2016
There are mis-spellings throughout the course, the challenges and milestone questions are not always congruent with the information presented in the tutorials.
Sophia replied on May 24, 2016

Hi Kelly We encourage students to contact us, and use the question-specific feedback submission tool when questions arise during the course. Congratulations on completing the course and providing your feedback to us.

— Mike F. | Sophia Learning Coach
by Abigail S. on May 16, 2016
It was an interesting course that gave a great overview of art history.
by Brittany L. on May 13, 2016
This course was by far the hardest course I've taken here at Sophia. The first section was so easy, then it just got harder after that! After a lot of hard work, patience and help from the coaches I finish with a passing grade. Not the best grade, but I passed. Only thing I didn't like was you had 3 attempts to pass each challenge question. Which is fine, but some had 3 or more answers you needed for one question. A lot of times you would get one or two of the answers correct and you couldn't get the last one. I liked the math course because you got 10 attempts. I think these courses should at least give you 5 attempts, especially on the multiple answers per question. But all In all, it was a good course, very interesting. Just hard!!
by Katherine R. on May 13, 2016
This course was really informative, and at times a little dense with material. However, it was set up in a helpful way that allowed me to learn the material.


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    A: You choose your own start date and have 60 days to complete each course. However, because the courses are self-paced, you can complete them in fewer than 60 days.
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    A: You do not need any textbooks for Sophia courses. All material is taught by video and text-based tutorials that are in the course room, and are included in the cost.
  • Q: How am I graded in the course?
    A: Your overall score is derived from how you do on two types of assessments: Challenges, which are formative assessments, and Milestones, which are summative assessments. (Sophia’s English Composition I course also includes written assignments, called Touchstones, that also contribute to your overall score.)

    Sophia courses are graded on a pass/fail basis. No letter grade is issued for a completed course.
  • Q: How do I know which courses I should take?
    A: Consult with your academic adviser at your university to determine specifically which Sophia courses could fit into your program. You can download the course syllabus directly from our site to share with your school advisor.