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Introduction to Statistics

Sophia's Introduction to Statistics course helps you gain mastery of the basic principles of statistics. In this course, you will learn a variety of topics, including statistical principles, research methodologies, data analysis, and hypothesis testing. You will also have the opportunity to demonstrate the application of these topics in statistics to everyday situations. Full Description

3 semester credits

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Course marketing page

This Introduction to Statistics Course uses problem-based learning that shows you how to apply your knowledge in real-world situations. Our Many Ways™ learning model feature multiple teachers and various instructional styles for each concept so you can find a style that meshes with your individual learning preference. This rich, immersive experience helps you better understand and retain information, for an all-around smarter way to learn.

Sophia's Introduction to Statistics Course helps you gain mastery of the basic principles of statistics. In this course you will learn a variety of topics, including statistical principles, research methodologies, data analysis, and hypothesis testing. You will also have the opportunity to demonstrate the application of these topics in statistics to everyday situations.

In Sophia's Introduction to Statistics Course, you will complete a series of assessments comprised of 18 Challenge assessments and 6 Milestone assessments tied to the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand and identify key principles of statistical reasoning and statistical methods.
  • Apply concepts of data and data representation in a real world context.
  • Calculate variation and central tendency and recognize patterns in distributions.
  • Apply concepts of probability and risk in real life scenarios.
  • Determine correlation and causation and distinguish between them in context.
  • Apply concepts of hypothesis testing and utilize t-tests, z-tests, and ANOVA in real world situations.


139 Student Reviews
by Kista P. on April 13, 2017
I enjoyed working at my own pace. I liked having several instructors to choice from.
by andrea w. on April 9, 2017
I got what i payed for. Still did not know how to apply the numerous calculations to real life. The calculated results should be explained better to be applicable.
Sophia replied on April 10, 2017

HI Andrea— Congratulations on your successful course completion! Our Learning Coach team is here to help students who feel they need more assistance with the concepts, so we always encourage you to reach out. This is a challenging college-level math course, so you should be proud of your accomplishment in earning these credits!

— Chloe S. | Sophia Learning Coach
by Kamryn M. on April 3, 2017
I enjoyed the course material and believe it was an accurate level of difficulty and instruction. I was not familiar with using Excel as a calculator and did not have a scientific calculator available to me, so the course was a bit harder for me than I expect it is for those who are prepared in that department. I have taken multiple courses with Sophia and continue to be pleased as I complete courses that will help me achieve my degree through a cost-effective method.
by Amber N. on March 23, 2017
Was a very challenging class in this format.
by Jenna V. on March 22, 2017
I am not (at all!) a math person, so I was pretty nervous about taking Statistics. It was definitely challenging and made me worry early on about potentially not passing, but I ended up learning a ton. I appreciated all of the real-world examples given throughout the tutorials, and left the course realizing that stats can actually be kind of fun. :) I was very pleased with the quality & timeliness of Sophia's Learning Coaches: they were extremely prompt in their replies to my questions, and always offered helpful suggestions. I would tell other students taking this course to not be afraid to ask for help (asking for clarification before your 3rd try in a Challenge, etc.) and to take your time: the Practice Milestones & tutorials have everything you need to succeed if you just put in the time. I was thrilled to finish this course in less than 3 weeks: SO much easier than traveling to/paying for a math course at a community college! Thank you, SOPHIA!
by Christie M. on March 17, 2017
The very last section seemed to squeeze in a lot of hard information and seemed rushed. It was overwhelming. Also some wording of questions on milestones were hard to understand, or were not very clear.
Sophia replied on March 17, 2017

Congratulations Christie on your recent course completion! Yes, the concepts covered in the final unit are challenging. We encourage our students to utilize our learning coach support and also the in-course "on demand" tutoring as needed during this unit, or the entirety of the course. Again, congratulations on your achievement!

— Mike F. | Sophia Learning Coach
by David H. on March 10, 2017
I found this course a little more difficult than it needed to be. The new format was actually more difficult to navigate when taking the milestones. Also unlike the other courses...the answers were not in the clues at the end of the videos. And also found that some answers were in different videos so you needed to watch all the videos to find the answers. And most disappointing was that some of the answers were in the next section. Overall I learned a lot but believe there is need for improvement.
Sophia replied on March 13, 2017

David - Congratulations on your most recent course completion. We appreciate your comments about your course experience. Our team is here to help if the need arises when you cannot find the necessary content in the course. We can point you in the right direction and guide you through the problem. Thank you.

— Mike F. | Sophia Learning Coach
by Lisa J. on February 26, 2017
This course is hard but the tutorials are very great. Do well in units 1-5 because 6 is the hardest. I asked for help by email and the response was fast (next morning) and insightful.


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    A: Your overall score is derived from how you do on two types of assessments: Challenges, which are formative assessments, and Milestones, which are summative assessments. (Sophia’s English Composition I course also includes written assignments, called Touchstones, that also contribute to your overall score.)

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