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Personalized Learning through Gaming
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Personalized Learning through Gaming

Gaming can give you the edge you need to get your students engaged and increase their motivation to learn. Learn to plan personalized instruction using purposeful gaming strategies that leverage technology. Full Description


How Capella PD can work for you.

Your Time

Competency-based coursework makes it easy to learn on your time and at your pace, at home or on the go. It’s professional learning on your terms.

Your Class

Application questions within the course send teachers into their classrooms to practice and reflect upon what they have learned applying your learning with your students.

Your Career

Choose to earn professional contact hours or graduate credit and power your career as you see fit from personal growth through to a graduate degree.


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Motivate and engage learners in a personalized environment using gamification strategies. Explore instructional formats that can be used in personalized instruction  and analyze your lessons for their gamification potential.  Then adapt one of your lessons and try it out!  

During this course you will build

  • A vetted list of gamification techniques for one of your lessons.
  • A lesson (new or revised) using gamification techniques
  • A reflection of your gamified lesson post- implementation 


18 Student Reviews
by Jennifer B. on July 4, 2018
Very informative
by Chelsey W. on June 17, 2018
The concepts and ideas behind gaming you classroom are great. It is a great way to get students to learn in a way that they will enjoy.
by Kathrine K. on June 12, 2018
This was a great course but most of the resource links are outdated/not available.
by cynthia t. on May 16, 2018
I used the knowledge from this course to gamify my classroom and it was a huge success. Worth my time! Plus it something new that you don't get in a regular PD.
by Holly I. on December 22, 2017
Like the idea of gamification, but need more help in changing a lesson into a good gaming lesson
by Stacy F. on September 25, 2017
I really enjoyed this class and feel that I learned a lot. I just wished that the language used in the tutorials was always the same as the questions.
by Janice H. on September 6, 2017
This is a great course for someone looking to capture and hold their students' attention even while holding them accountable for mastery of the required content. I highly recommend this course to others.
by DeShanna K. on July 14, 2017
I am really looking forward to employing Gamification in my classroom this fall!