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Visual Communications

Sophia’s Visual Communications Pathway helps you gain mastery of the basic concepts of visual design helping you apply these concepts in context. In this Pathway, you will explore visual theories of communications and key elements and principles of design, with an emphasis on color, typography, and layout. In this Pathway, you will learn how to analyze a visual design and will understand the role that visual designs play in today’s society. Full Description

Credits: 3 Semester Credits

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Course marketing page

Sophia’s Visual Communications Pathway helps you to gain mastery of the essentials of communicating visually and apply this mastery in context. In this Pathway, you will explore visual theories and learn about the key elements and principles of visual design, with a focus on color, typography, layout, and design analysis. This Pathway emphasizes real world context and the role that visual communications play in today’s society.

In Sophia’s Visual Communications Pathway, you will complete a series of assessments comprised of 12 Challenge assessments and 4 Milestone assessments tied to the following learning outcomes:

· Examine Basic Visual Design Concepts

· Distinguish how Color, Type, & Layout Contribute to Communication

· Analyze the role of Design in Visual Communications

· Evaluate Visual Communication Processes and Products

The Visual Communications Pathway provides you access to Sophia’s Many Ways learning model. This model provides you with multiple teachers and various instructional styles for each learning objective. With this unique model, you can find a method that appeals to your individual learning preference.


The ability to view each concept from multiple instructors is a powerful way to learn.
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Sophia provided the best of both worlds a classroom setting with online benefits. I’m a hands­ on learner so having an instructor guide me through the Course with visuals and diagrams was extremely helpful.
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Johnathan M.
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