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A8 - Acids and Bases

A8 - Acids and Bases

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This PLAYLIST contains the complete set of materials in order to help you learn the information necessary for mastery of UNIT 8 - ACIDS AND BASES, chapter 15 and 16 in Holt Modern Chemistry. As always, you need to work daily to complete the activities, worksheets, and notes provided here. INTERACTING WITH THE TEXTBOOK (reading and taking notes) is always a crucial part of your learning. During class time, there will be sufficient time to ask the instructor for clarification on the content as well as assistance on assigned homework problems. It is your responsibility to complete any reading and/or reading guides, worksheets, checkpoints and assigned PhET simulations. Worksheets handed out in class will be collected on the announced due date.
bases, Acid, Bronsted-Lowry, titration, arrhenious

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