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Basics of chemistry

Basics of chemistry

Owner: Annie Smitha P T
Atomic structure forms the basis of chemistry. This playlists contains few tutorials designed to understand atoms and atomic structure.

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Atomic Structure Historical Timeline

Author: bhs friedmole

The existence of a basic unit of matter were in the minds of great men even thousands of years ago.

Atomic Models Evolve

Author: Tamara Ellsworth
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The flaws in the old theories helps to understand new theories better.

Ch.4 Concept 1--Atomic Structure (Chem I)

Author: Amy Joslin

This tutorial helps to understand the arrangements of the subatomic particles in an atom.

Chapter 6 - History of the Periodic Table

Author: Michelle Sperle-Berg

It is very important to understand how the periodic table came into being and what is its importance in the chemical world.

Chemistry Atoms and the Periodic Table

Author: Angela Swilley

The tutorial covers almost all aspects of atoms and the periodic table.